The HEY! Hamilton! Mission

The Reason for HEY! Hamilton!

Hamilton! has a long tradition of community-focused journalism. People like Stephen Cone and Homer Gard established those traditions over 100 years ago, and even in our own memories names like Ercel Eaton, Jim Blount, Bill Moeller, Bill McDulin, Will Harbaum, Jim Newton and many others stir up fond memories of dogged reporters and clever storytellers.

Corporate journalism has not been sufficient to fulfill all the communication needs of the Hamilton community. It has been a long slow decline in an increasing technological environment, and we are not alone.

Newspapers everywhere are failing their communities.

As advertising revenues and subscriptions declined, news holes shrank and newspapers tightened their belts, focusing more on hard news (police and government), casting away the things that truly reflected the community personality.

Some of the things that have gone by the wayside include:

  • Local columnists writing about Hamilton! people and Hamilton! issues
  • Prep and community sports
  • Schools and youth news
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Clubs, groups and society news
  • Non-profit and social service agencies
  • Church news and features
  • Local history and culture
  • Specialty features

The goal of HEY! Hamilton!  is to fill in the gaps between what the locally-owned newspapers traditionally offered and what the current corporate newspapers that cover Hamilton! offer.

Since the traditional media is focused on hard news and watchdog reporting, HEY! Hamilton! will focus on soft news and people-first reporting.

We will proudly be the companion dog rather than the watchdog.

We’ll give the citizens of Hamilton! the information they need to negotiate life in our city and our unconditional love.

That doesn’t mean we won’t bark at danger, but when we plant someone in City Hall, it will be to provide information and perspective, not simply stir up controversy.

Our discourse will be civil and based on fact, not emotion, and we will give reasonable voices a place to speak.

Mission Statement

  • To be a constant and reliable source of information for the citizens of Greater Hamilton!
  • To tell the stories of the people and the community.

HEY! Hamilton! defines our primary coverage area as the 45011, 45013 and 45015 zip codes.

Value Statement

  • HEY! Hamilton! has a public service goal to benefit the Citizens of Hamilton, Ohio.
  • As a social enterprise, HEY! Hamilton! can concentrate on the mission of information and storytelling, not on creating wealth for owners or stockholders.
  • HEY! Hamilton! will be on the leading edge of new hybrid media, a mix of journalism and public access, to provide a model for other cities without professional community news outlets.
  • HEY! Hamilton! will provide a digital historical record of Hamilton! and its people in the contemporary era

Sources of Content

  • HEY! Hamilton! Original Featured Content
    • Feature stories
    • Event coverage
    • Photo galleries
  • Press releases
  • Websites of area non-profit agencies and businesses
  • Aggregated material from regional and national media
  • Volunteer Citizen Journalists and Columnists
  • Student Journalists

Who’s On Board (So Far)

The founding core contributors to HEY! Hamilton! are all native Hamiltonians and former employees of the Journal-News who believe in the mission and are willing to work on a freelance basis to make HEY! Hamilton! a vital presence in the community.

  • Richard O Jones, Executive Editor. Hamilton! native and life-long resident. Veteran newspaper professional, 25 years with the Journal-News as a features writer and editor; movie music and drama critic.
  • Skip Weaver, Sports Editor
  • Mandy Gambrell, Social Editor
  • E.L. Hubbard, Photo Editor
  • Karen Minnelli Holcomb, Columnist and Contributor

If you have an idea for a column or wish to become a regular contributor to HEY! Hamilton!, email to set up a meeting.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To find out how you can be on the ground level of the next wave of community journalism, email to arrange a meeting.

HEY! Hamilton! welcomes polite discourse, but all comments are moderated and will not appear with the post until they have been approved by the editor, which could be soon, could be tomorrow. Could be never if you're being a troll. Thank you.

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