A Light in Lindenwald: A Chat with Debbie Doerflein

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13340721_1702474433338858_915505936_oHEY!Hamilton! Contributing Editor and Correspondent Emily Simer Braun sits down with Debbie Doerflein, owner and proprietor of Heaven Sent on Pleasant Ave. in Lindenwald to discuss the celebration of the 21st anniversary of the neighborhood anchor business, Heaven Sent, and of her own trials, tribulations, and triumphs through the years.

Heaven Sent is a multi-faceted business with a history and a heart for home.  A cafe, gift shop/bookstore, floral shop, bakery, catering service, banquet hall, and wedding chapel, are occupied in the two buildings on Pleasant Avenue.  Debbie customizes all orders and services to personal needs, requests, and budget.  Her policy is a very personal touch.

Friday Gospel Fest is a new venue, and the bookstore/card and gift shop are brightly revitalized.

Twenty-one years ago, Debbie Doerflein felt called to be “A Light in Lindenwald”. She continues to shed light in the community and has dreams for a Heaven Sent future.

For further information, check www.WeddingsbyHeavenSent.com, or call (513) 856-7368.


Photos by Grace Sandlin

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2 thoughts on “A Light in Lindenwald: A Chat with Debbie Doerflein”

  1. Thank you for sharing Debbie’s story. There is a man who sits in front of Debbie’s store and offers information about Debbie and store operating hours. Every time I’ve stopped by he has been there. He always says I just missed her and that they are closed. It is akward. The last time it happened I decided not to go back. It may be having the same result with others. If you can get this message to her, please do. It sounds like she has a viable and valuable business, but I have not experienced it due to this man.

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