Steve Schmitt: His band is Balderdash; beating cancer is not

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A long-time fixture on the local and regional music scene, Steve Schmitt sits down to talk with HEY! Hamilton! correspondent Emily Simer Braun on the patio at El Mariachi.

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Schmitt currently performs in two bands led by Jose “Joe” Madrigal: the blues and classic rock band Balderdash and the Santana tribute Madrigal. Balderdash first formed back in the late 1960s and were popular in the local arena for several years before dissipating. In 2009, the group got back together and now perform regularly at Mustang Sally’s and other area venues. Madrigal (the band) is set to soon go on a national tour.

Steve also talks about his recent bout with cancer and how he feels that his struggle has charged his creative juices and given him a new outlook on life.

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Here is Balderdash performing recently at WNKU studios. Schmitt’s song “Getting Old is Killing Me,” which he wrote while undergoing medical treatment, begins at around 12:40.

And here’s a little slide show of the bands in action:

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Keep abreast of Balderdash gigs on the band’s Facebook page…

Featured photos by Donna J. Burns

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