City Making Long-Term Capital Investments

The Hamilton Electric System is making substantial investments in 2015, with the primary target of creating a stimulus for economic growth.  These projects include major capital investments along Bilstein Blvd. (adjacent to the Symmes Rd. industrial corridor in the City’s Southwest Ohio Industrial District, or SOID) and at Hamilton Enterprise Park.

The improvements along Bilstein Blvd. are a direct result of the significant investment that ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, Inc., is making in the City of Hamilton, at their facilities at 8685 Bilstein Blvd. (formerly Berk Blvd.).  In 2014, Bilstein, an original equipment (OEM) and after-market manufacturer of high performance shock absorbers for the automotive industry, announced plans to expand their current facilities as well as to hire 114 new employees.  The new investment in facilities is expected to total approximately $5.25 million.  The new employees are anticipated to have an annual payroll of approximately $3.32 million.

In order to facilitate the investment by Bilstein, as well as incentivizing other investment along Bilstein Blvd., the Hamilton Electric System is making strategic capital investments in this corridor.  These capital investments consist of converting the existing overhead electric facilities along Bilstein Blvd. to underground, and will include:

  • Undergrounding 1,600 feet of three-phase, primary electric lines;
  • Undergrounding 2,500 feet of roadway lighting, and installing new black powder-coated street light poles and fixtures, including 16 new LED lighting fixtures;
  • Installation of in-ground, grade-level junction boxes; and
  • Installation of pad-mounted switchgear equipment to facilitate electric distribution switching operations.

Additionally, the Electric System is assisting Bilstein through the upgrading of the electric service to their facilities.  These upgrades include underground installation of three-phase primary wire from an existing junction box to a new 2500 kVA pad-mounted transformer, located at the addition currently under construction at the site.  Additionally, pad-mounted primary metering equipment will be installed, which will meter the facility’s existing load, the new transformer and a proposed transformer for a future addition.  Conduit provisions will also be made at the primary metering equipment to coordinate and facilitate future undergrounding projects along Bilstein Blvd.

The Electric System is also planning to make a substantial investment, in 2015, in improvements at Hamilton Enterprise Park (HEP).  The City-owned business park, located along Hamilton-Mason Rd, is a premier business location in Southwest Ohio.  HEP currently has over 150 acres of land available for future development projects.  In an effort to incentivize these additional developments and add to the aesthetics of HEP, the Electric System is planning to do a number of significant improvements.  The HEP improvements will include the  installation of 48 new LED lighting fixtures and poles, the installation of fiber optic junction  boxes throughout HEP, and a various other improvements.

Additionally, the Electric System is planning to underground the electric service along Hamilton Enterprise Park Drive, from Moser Ct. to Hamilton-Mason Rd., in 2015.  This portion of the capital investment in HEP will be undertaken and completed by the Electric Distribution personnel of the City.

The total capital investment by the Hamilton Electric System in these two significant projects, targeting current and future economic growth in Hamilton, is projected to be approximately $900,000.

The City of Hamilton owns and operates all four of the primary utilities in the City, including electric (generation, transmission and distribution), natural gas (distribution), water (treatment and distribution) and water reclamation (collection and treatment) systems.  The City continues to be one of the lowest cost providers of all utility services in the Region and the State.

2015 Initiative Update now available

CLICK HERE to view the City of Hamilton’s 2015 Initiative Update and find out more about :

Meldahl Hydroelectric Facility, Hamilton Utilities Capital Projects, East High Street Gateway, High-MLK Intersection, South Hamilton Crossing, Third Street Corridor Improvements, Main-Millville-Eaton Intersection, Millville-Wasserman-Smalley Intersection, Downtown Parking, The Hamilton Mill, Economic Development, Efficiency Smart, 17 Strong, Hamilton CORE Fund, Land Bank, Artspace, Marcum Park, Main Street, Great Miami River Recreational Trail, Spraygrounds, and the newly-formed Parks Conservancy.

2015 initiative update

Beware the Utility Imposters

Recently, several Hamilton utility customers have reported receiving phone calls from callers identifying themselves as representatives of the Hamilton Utilities, and attempting to collect on purported unpaid utility bills.

The calls that are being received are a phone scam, attempting to gather personal information from the City’s utility customers.  It is unknown at this time whether this scam is also being seen with other utility system customers, such as Duke Energy Ohio, as has happened in the past.  A similar phone scam targeted utility customers in this area in June 2014 and December 2013 as well.

Tim Bigler, Energy Management Director, states, “The City of Hamilton does not make random telephone calls to our customers, demanding payment over the phone or informing them of cutoffs or disconnection dates.  If a customer receives such a call from the City, the customer would have already received several notices and information sent directly, in writing, to the customers.  These notices would have been via messages on their utility bills, individual mailed letters or hand-delivered notices.  Any payment to the City would be through the City’s normal payment acceptance channels, such as EZ Pay or in person, at our offices at 345 High Street, in downtown Hamilton.”

Bigler stated further, “Additionally, if a Customer Service Representative from the City contacts a utility customer about an impending disconnection, due to nonpayment, the City Representative will have all of the customer information readily available to them, including name, address, account number and other personal account information, so our Representative will not be seeking to gather personal information from the customer.”

Bigler continued, “If a customer receives such a call or suspects the call to be a scam, please do not provide any personal information to the caller.  Simply hang up.  If the customer has any questions about the receipt of these types of calls or about your utility bills, in general, please call our office at (513) 785-7100.”

Hamilton Police Department (HPD) detectives, as well as the Public Affairs Section, are aware of and are investigating this scam.

If you suspect that someone is attempting to scam you, contact the HPD Public Affairs Section or the Department of Public Utilities, at the telephone numbers below:

HPD Public Affairs Section – (513) 868-5811, ext. 2007

Hamilton Utilities, Customer Service Division – (513) 785-7100

The City of Hamilton owns and operates all four of the primary utilities in the City, including electric (generation, transmission and distribution), natural gas (distribution), water (treatment and distribution) and water reclamation (collection and treatment) systems.  The City continues to be one of the lowest cost providers of all utility services in the Region and the State.

McCloskey to be honored with Literary Landmark plaque

In celebration of Children’s Book Week 2015, the The Lane Libraries will host a “Robert McCloskey Walk and Literary Landmark Dedication,” 10 a.m. Saturday May 9.

Walk in the footsteps of Robert McCloskey, Hamilton’s famous children’s author. Meet at the Hamilton Lane Library, (Children’s Department on the 5th Floor)  and parade your way to the Robert McCloskey Museum, touring McCloskey landmarks along the way.

The Walking Tour is led by Brandon Soale, curator of the McCloskey Museum.  He will end the tour at 11:30 and participants will have time to return to their cars for the dedication at the Hamilton Lane Library at noon.

Dedication of United for Libraries Children’s Book Week 2015 Literary Landmark will follow at noon.

After the dedication, there will be a tour of the Hamilton Lane Library and you can view our painting of McCloskey, “Man with a Harmonica”  by Jane White Cooke, and check out books by McCloskey.

The plaque will read: “Two-Time Caldecott Award winner Robert McCloskey (1914-2003) walked through the doors of this library many times as a child.  McCloskey was born in Hamilton and his first book, Lentil, featured several Hamilton scenes including this library.  Published by Viking in 1940, it told the story of a boy much like himself who played the harmonica,” and will contain the names of contributors Heritage Hall, the Lane Libraries, the Ohio Educational Library Media Association and Penguin Young Readers, an imprint of Viking.

Presenters  will include Gratia Banta, Youth Services Manager, the Lane Libraries; Nancy Follmer, President,  Heritage Hall; OELMA Representatives; Mike Dingeldein, architect; Carol Bowling, Branch Manager, Hamilton Lane Library; and Peter Roop, author, who will read Lentil.

For more information, call 513-785-2703.

Meals on Wheels Drivers Do More Than Deliver Food

Your Time

Of the 168,727 meals delivered by Partners in Prime’s Meals on Wheels Program last year, Don Peters delivered close to 7,000 of them. But what’s even more impressive, is the way in which he did it—without a GPS, without missing a day (regardless of the weather), and without so much as a glance at the cheat sheet with the name and preferences of each recipient.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Partners In Prime Meals On Wheels program…

Talking Trash with the City Manager, Part 2

A letter from City Hall

Dear Friends,

Earlier this month we released the details of the new garbage cart program.  As I outlined in in my previous letter, the City of Hamilton will be partnering with Rumpke to provide garbage carts with attached lids in an effort to reduce trash and litter on and around our streets.  The City is still planning on moving forward with this program, but thanks to your input and concerns, we’re considering making a few revisions to the program.

I want you to know that your input is taken very seriously and the City’s administration and I will work tirelessly to incorporate your suggestions to provide the best program outcome for all involved.  Below are questions we’ve received from residents about the new trash carts.  Some of these questions and answers were included in my last letter, but I’ve also added answers to questions I received in response to my last letter.  If any of your questions are not addressed in this letter, please email your question to Adam Helms

The Ordinance Review Committee will hold a meeting on Monday, March 23 at 8:00 a.m. in Council Chambers to discuss the new garbage cart program and gather input from the public.  City Council is scheduled to hear a first reading of the new garbage cart policy onWednesday, March 25 at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers located on the first floor at 345 High Street.  Residents are invited to sign up to speak about the trash carts during Audience of Citizens at the March 25 Council Meeting.  I strongly encourage you to attend both of these meetings and provide your input on this program,

Again, I want to thank you for your input, patience and cooperation as we work our way through this new program.

When will the new trash carts be delivered?

  • Rumpke will deliver trash carts to residents with MONDAY garbage collection during the week of March 23.
  • Rumpke will deliver trash carts to residents with TUESDAY garbage collection during the week of March 30.
  • Rumpke will deliver trash carts to residents with WEDNESDAY garbage collection during the week of April 6.
  • Rumpke will deliver trash carts to residents with THURSDAY garbage collection during the week of April 20.
  • Rumpke will deliver trash carts to residents with FRIDAY garbage collection during the week of April 27.

I already bought a Rumpke trash cart.  Why do I have to get a new one?

We understand some residents have already purchased a brown Rumpke trash cart for a fee of $80 and now the City is giving them to everyone for free.  This concern resonates with us and we agree it is unfair to residents who have already paid for a trash cart.

In an effort to make this program more equitable to those who have purchased Rumpke trash carts, the City will be implementing a trash cart buyback program.  Anyone who has purchased a Rumpke trash cart within the last five (5) years and does not desire to continue using the old, brown Rumpke trash cart is eligible to receive a $60 reimbursement from the city.  If an individual is able to produce a receipt showing they purchased a cart for $80, the City will reimburse the full $80 amount.

Residents wishing to receive reimbursement for their old trash carts must use the new blue trash carts and return their old, brown Rumpke trash carts to the Hamilton transfer station located at 1000 North Third Street, Hamilton, OH 45011.  Reimbursement checks will be mailed to residents upon receipt of the old cart and verification that the returned cart was issued to the person or household returning the cart.  To prevent theft of existing trash carts in exchange for reimbursement dollars, individuals wishing to return their old cart must present a valid photo ID when returning the cart and the cart identification number must match the address on the photo identification.  The City will use the returned carts as garbage cans in various parks and other public spaces throughout the city.

I already have a cart with an attached lid that looks just like the Rumpke cart.  Can I use this cart instead of Rumpke’s?

YES!  Rumpke will allow you to use a similar, non-Rumpke cart as long as it has an attached lid, wheels and has a metal bar on the front that is compatible with Rumpke’s garbage truck equipment.  After the new cart is delivered, continue placing your own trash cart which is similar to the Rumpke cart at the curb for garbage collection.  If your cart is compatible with Rumpke’s garbage truck equipment, they will place an “approved” sticker on your cart.  If your cart is not approved by Rumpke, you will have to use the new Rumpke cart.

If Rumpke approves your trash cart for use at the curb/alley, you may continue to use it; however you must still keep the new, blue Rumpke trash cart at your residence.  You must keep the blue Rumpke trash cart at your residence because if you move, the blue Rumpke trash cart must remain at the property it was issued to for use by any future residents who inhabit the property.

What am I supposed to do with my old garbage cans?

If you have an old, non-Rumpke approved can; you have two options:

  1. You may use your old trash can as a yard waste container, which Rumpke will collect.
  2. You may put your old trash can at the curb and write “trash” on it.  Rumpke will then dispose of your old trash can.

Why do I have to put my recycling cart at the curb and my garbage in the alley?

Rumpke’s recycling collection policy in all communities they serve is that recyclables must be placed at the curb/street.  Your garbage will continue to be collected at the same place it always has been collected in the past.

How large are the trash carts?

The new trash carts are 96-gallons and hold the equivalent of three standard garbage cans.  The 96 gallon cart has a similar size footprint to a 65-gallon recycling cart, which many of our residents are already using.

The 96 gallon cart is 46″ tall, by 34″ deep, by 27″ wide.  By comparison, the 65 gallon recycling cart is 42″ tall, by 32″ deep, by 25″ wide.

The 35-gallon trash cart is 39″ tall, by 23″ deep, by 20″ wide.

Are smaller cart sizes available?

Yes!  Rumpke will also offer 35-gallon trash carts to households who may not produce a large amount of garbage on a weekly basis and to accommodate our senior citizens who may struggle to maneuver a larger cart.  Please keep in mind, all trash must be placed inside the cart, and while a 35-gallon cart may be smaller and easier to store and maneuver, it may not be able to hold all of your garbage.  Rumpke will not collect bags of trash placed at the curb or garbage that is placed at the curb in a container that is not approved by Rumpke.

If you feel a 35-gallon cart is more appropriate for your household, please contact the Department of Public Works at 513-785-7270 to request a 35-gallon trash cart in lieu of the 96-gallon cart.  If you do request a 35-gallon cart prior to city-wide delivery of the 96-gallon cart, you will not receive the standard 96-gallon cart when they are delivered.  Your 35-gallon cart will be delivered separately at a later date.

I’m concerned I won’t be able to maneuver the new trash cart.  Can I get assistance?

If you are concerned you may not be able to maneuver your cart on a weekly basis, please email your contact information to  The 17 Strong neighborhoods project has been working in Hamilton neighborhoods for the past couple years to engage residents in discussions about the current and future states of their respective neighborhoods.  We will develop a database to share with neighborhood champions in your area to see if a volunteer is able to assist you with getting your trash cart to the curb or alley.

I already lease a trash cart from Rumpke.  Will I receive a second cart?

Yes.  Rumpke will deliver a blue trash cart with the City of Hamilton logo to all residences.  All residences must keep the new trash cart on their property.  If you already lease a brown Rumpke trash cart, you are encouraged to keep your second cart to determine if your household needs more than one trash cart.  You will continue to be billed by Rumpke directly for the second cart at the new, lowered rate of $2/month.  If you do not need the existing, leased trash cart, please call Rumpke at 1-800-582-3107 to have it removed.

Can I get an additional trash cart?

Yes.  Additional trash carts are available for lease from Rumpke for $2/month in 2015 and $3/month in 2016.  More than 50% of what you throw away could be recycled.  If you aren’t currently participating in the City’s recycling program, we encourage you to start participating and determine if recycling helps free up additional space in your trash cart.  You may rent an additional trash cart by calling Rumpke at 1-800-582-3107.

What if I have more material than my trash cart can hold?

As mentioned above, additional trash carts are available for lease to assist residents who may have a large amount of garbage on a weekly basis.  If you have an existing trash cart that has been approved by Rumpke, you may use that cart in addition to the blue, Rumpke trash cart.

Residents may also dispose of trash, for a fee, at the City of Hamilton transfer station located at 1000 North Third Street.  For more information about the transfer station, please call 513-867-8661.

Additionally, the City will be hosting two, city-wide large item clean up events to assist with collection and disposal of additional large items you may have.  The city-wide cleanup will take place on the west side of the river on Saturday, April 18 and on the east side of the river the following weekend on Saturday, April 25.  If residents have items for disposal, they should put those items at their normal collection location (curb/alley) the night before the cleanup (Friday).  Some restrictions apply including: no motor oil, no tires, limited construction materials from minor home remodeling, and no hazardous materials.  Look for more details in the local news, the City’s e-newsletter, social media sites and the City of Hamilton’s website

How can I dispose of large items?

Residents may dispose of large items in two ways.  The transfer station, as mentioned above, is one option.  The other option is to place your large items at the curb for collection.  Residents have always been able to place two large items such as furniture or carpet at the curb for collection each week at no additional fee.  In order to have these items collected at the curb, you must provide 48 hours notice to Rumpke by calling 513-867-8661.

My new, Rumpke trash cart broke.  Do I have to purchase a new one?

No.  Rumpke will repair, maintain and replace broken trash carts for the duration of Rumpke’s contract with the City of Hamilton, which is five years.  If your Rumpke trash cart breaks or is damaged, please contact Rumpke at 513-867-8661 to notify them of necessary cart repairs or replacement.

My trash cart was stolen.  What should I do?

If your trash cart is stolen, call Rumpke at 513-867-8661 for instructions on reporting the stolen cart and obtaining a new one.  If your cart is stolen, there will be no cost to the resident to replace the stolen cart.  Once a police report is filed, the cart will be replaced at no cost to the homeowner.

I am moving.  Can I take my trash cart with me?

No.  Each trash cart is assigned to a residence with a serial number and must remain at the address where it was delivered.  If you move, you must leave the trash cart behind.

If you have additional questions regarding the new curbside garbage collection program, please contact the Department of Public Works at 513-785-7270.


Joshua A. Smith
City Manager

Miami Hamilton Theatre Group Announces April Shows

Miami University Hamilton Theatre’s new plays program, Miami Writes, presents Miami Writes Shorts— six new plays by five new authors in Studio 307 (307 Phelps Hall).  Show dates and times are: April 9 – 11 at 7:30 p.m. and April 12 at 2:30 p.m.

Featured plays will include Buster and Me by Sheri Allen, Testing Testing; 1, 2, 3 by Roger Collins, Baby Doe by Judith Earley, Dog Tracks by Judith Earley, Bert and Andy in the Weeds by Bekka Eaton Reardon and The Audition by Bridget Ossmann.

Tickets for this show are $10 for adults and $5 for senior citizens, students and children under 12. They are available at bysearching for Miami Writes Shorts or at the door.

For more information on performances, contact Bekka Eaton Reardon at Miami Hamilton is located at 1601 University Blvd.

Murder is on the Menu at Colonial Dinner Series

Join True Crime Historian Richard O Jones as the speaker for the Colonial Dinner Series, April 1.

The topic will be “Hamilton’s Last Execution,” the story of how George Schneider tried to get away with murder. He will also discuss the city’s earlier executions, including three soldiers at Fort Hamilton.

Dinner is $15. RSVP to 856-8600 by March 27.

Here’s the video from Jones’s first appearance at the Colonial Dinner Series, Sepetember 2013.

Justice Sharon L. Kennedy to Talk at Miami Hamilton

The Department of Justice and Community Studies, College of Professional Studies & Applied Sciences will host a lecture titled Pathways in Criminal Justice with Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon L. Kennedy on Tuesday, March 31 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in the Harry T. Wilks Conference Center.

Justice Kennedy began her career as an officer for the City of Hamilton Police Department. Following her time on the police force, she obtained her law degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. She then served as judge at the Butler County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division, and as the administrative judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division.

On December 7, 2012, Justice Kennedy was sworn in as the 154th Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio and the ninth female justice to serve on the court.

She has received multiple awards, including the Nicholas Longworth, III Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2014. She was named one of thirteen professional women to watch by the Cincinnati Enquirer in 2013, and was named Judge of the Year in 2006.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 513.785.7702 or email Miami University Hamilton is located at 1601 University Blvd.