Sponsorship Opportunity: Garden of the Month

Since Karen Minelli Holcomb left the grind of daily journalism to spend more time as a mother and homemaker, she has also spent untold hours in the garden, toiling in the soil and enjoying the awesome power of nature. Now she would like to bring both interests together to write stories highlighting local gardens and gardeners.

For the Garden of the Month feature in HEY! Hamilton!, Karen will focus on unusual or particularly beautiful gardens with a lot of photos, insights into their passion for the hobby, and tips for other gardeners to help turn their yards into their own personal paradise.

Karen already has her eye on Dr. Weaver’s serenity Zen garden and Pam Mosser’s all-white garden, but she will also work with local gardening organizations to mine the wisdom of their experts. Hamilton Urban Garden System (HUGS) for advice on gardening for food. The Master Gardener program out of the OSU Extension, maintains many of Hamilton’s civic gardens, is a veritable army of trained green thumbs. Hamilton Garden Club to help honor their own Gardens of the Month.

Monthly Feature

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