Local artist headed for international New York sculpture exhibition

The exhibition, edge, which opened June 13 at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts, will be ending July 31, 2015, for all artists involved with the exception of local artist Nathaniel A. Foley.

Foley, one of four artists displayed within the edge exhibition,  will be closing his portion of the exhibition on Friday, July 25 in order to participate in the Kingston Sculpture Biennial in Kingston, New York. This show is an every-other-year event in which artists create public art pieces to be displayed in the summer and fall seasons in various locations.

The 2015 Biennial will be on view August 1 through October 31. The Biennial encouraged submission of some large scale sculptures since there are some locations with major exposure that will be especially conducive to that kind of work.

The Fitton Center enthusiastically supports Foley, whose sculptures hint at both majestic and destructive qualities of the machinery of flight, for his acceptance into this prestigious show.

Supporting local art and local artists is important to the Fitton Center. Foley participating in this show allows him to share his talent with others outside of the Ohio community. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view this remarkable exhibition, please do so.

Other artists in the show include:

  • Paula Baumann’s intricate hand-dyed dimensional silk forms translate an appreciation for the subtlety and fragility of nature.  (Hamilton, Ohio)
  • Robin Dru Germany’s large mesmerizing photographic prints reveal life on either side of the line between water and land.  (Slaton, Texas)
  • Michelle Podgorski’s large botanical watercolor paintings focus on the constant cycles and adaptations that occur in nature despite human interference and sometimes because of it.  (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Photo: F-105 Thunderchief, Mixed Media, 2012, by Nathaniel A. Foley

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