Brush Up On Your Hamiltonia


By Richard O Jones

With the recent news about our Uncle Al getting booted off the $10 bill, he’s become somewhat of an Internet celebrity. I’ve stumbled upon top ten lists, podcasts and a wealth of information about our favorite Founding Father in the past week.

Here are some interesting sites to read more about Alexander Hamilton, his accomplishments and his legacy:

It’s Hamiltime: “Dedicated to preserving the legacy of America’s most under-appreciated, influential, and handsome Founding Father.”

The Bowery Boys: This podcast and blog focuses on the history of New York City, and they frequently refer to Alexander Hamilton as the city’s “greatest founding father.” The link takes you to the site archives with the tag “Alexander Hamilton” and includes a lot of trivia about the ten-dollar bill and a podcast about the famous duel that took his life.

The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society: This group calls Uncle Al “the second most valuable Founding Father” after George Washington. By its own description, “The AHA Society is made up of a diverse group of individuals from all over the country. Together we are working on a variety of initiatives to share ‘The Essence of Alexander Hamilton’s Greatness.'”

All Things Hamilton:   If you really want to get deep into Hamiltonia, you can spend hours here browsing through compilations of original source documents, books, videos, educational resources, and information about the time period in which Alexander Hamilton lived.

And finally, Hamilton College offers a Trivia Quiz, so after you’ve brushed up on your studies, you can find out how much you really know.

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