Local Businessman Advises America on Keeping Local Jobs

Local businessman Dave Lippert’s passion for pure American manufacturing doesn’t stop when he leaves the Hamilton Caster office at night.

Lippert dave
Dave Lippert. Click on image to read more about Hamilton Caster.

To empower companies to bring operations back to the United States, Lippert and industry veteran Tim Hutzel have co-written a book that exposes the dangers and hidden costs of offshoring.

Available now at CRC Press and Amazon, “Bringing Jobs Back to the USA: Rebuilding America’s Manufacturing Through Reshoring” provides valuable insight for manufacturers with offshored operations, or those considering sending jobs to China or other foreign countries.

Here’s an excerpt:

Some reasons may stem from the original motivation to offshore. Was it strictly cost? If so, what costs were considered? In many cases, the labor cost was the driving force.
If that is the case, then looking at the current offshore labor costs, as well as the near term labor cost trend, may paint a very different picture from the original. The rapidly rising middle class in China is eliminating that country’s labor cost advantage.

As president of Hamilton Caster for two decades, Dave understands the importance of manufacturing right here in America.

“It allows us to create local jobs, stimulate the country’s economy, hire a more technically advanced workforce, and, most importantly, build the best darn caster in the world,” he said.

Save 20% on the book and receive free shipping when you order from CRC Press. Enter promo code AVN97. Electronic versions (iTunes, Amazon Kindle) will be available soon.

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