Free Sample: Jess Lamb to kick off RiversEdge Series, May 30 (second update)

Change of venue announced on RiversEdge Facebook page:

Due to rain in the forecast, Saturday’s Jess Lamb & The Magic Lightnin’ Boys concert will be held at RiversEdge Arena located on Market Street in downtown Hamilton under the McDulin Parking Garage. Free parking for the concert is available in the McDulin Garage (113 North 3rd Street). Attendees will be completely sheltered from the elements and may park in the garage and enter the concert venue without having to set foot in the rain. Food and beer vendors will be on site. Come party with us at this unique venue.

Jess Lamb performs “Get Out of My Mind” live at 3rd Street Music. Jess Lamb and the Magic Lightnin’ Boys will perform on the ODW/Liferay Stage at RiversEdge Amphitheater, Saturday, May 30. The concert will begin at 6:00 p.m.  RiversEdge Amphitheater is located at 116 Dayton Street, Hamilton, OH 45011.  The concert is free and open to the general public.

Jess Lamb, a native of Cincinnati, is an outstanding, well-established musician in both the local and national music scene.  Perhaps you’ve seen Jess playing at Japp’s in Over The Rhine or maybe you caught her jamming with Harry Connick Jr. on this season’s American Idol.  Jess Lamb is a staggeringly unique modern folk band with a rock & roll soul. This “3 1/2 piece” band features Jess’ haunting vocals that flat out mesmerize & hypnotize listeners. Brother Kenny’s impressive guitar work ranges from silky & subtle to savage & searing. Kasey’s magnificent bass/kick drum combo is not only singular in style, it’s pure musical genius. Together the three create originals that should steal top spots on every college radio playlist. They also twist a few covers here and there into something more interesting and emotional than the original artist ever intended, or possibly even imagined. A must see for all indie music fans, jazz fans & soul searchers. Think “jazz/folk fusion” gone radio. Marvelous musicianship coupled with powerful feminine vocals soaring with such soul they would make the late Janis Joplin either weep with joy or cry in envy.

The talent in this trio strangleholds their crowds. High praise from press, musicians and fans will no doubt slowly push this band to a national level. See them while you can at a local Cincinnati show because that’s where their performance shines brightest. Much like great jam bands, Jess Lamb’s dynamite dynamics are best savored live, up close and personal.

CLICK HERE to visit the Facebook event page for updates…


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